Charbay Family Distillery and Winery Wine Tasting Tour
02 February, 2016
Nestled in the community of St. Helena in the splendid Napa Valley is the widely loved and respected Charbay Family Distillery and Winery. A unique destination in the world of Napa Valley due its focus on the production of high quality spirits in addition to dessert wines and the wines we know and love. While regulations do not allow for the tasting of spirits on site the Charbay Family Distillery and Winery do have a bar and tasting room located in downtown St. Helena. With distilling and winem...
Cakebread Cellars Wine Tasting Tour
15 October, 2015
In 1976 the Napa Valley gained international recognition in the Paris Wine Expo, after Napa Valley wines defeated the historically fantastic French wines in a blind taste test. In 1973 only three years prior to Napa's explosion on to the international world of wine Cakebread Cellars was founded by Jack and Dolores Cakebread. After nearly 40 harvests Cakebread Cellars has proven to be a pillar in the world renowned world of Napa Valley wines and even found its place internationally. On your Cakeb...
Del Dotto Vineyards in Napa Valley
22 August, 2015
We understand how wide reaching the Napa Valley really is. With a seemingly unending list of incredible wineries to choose from it really is impossible to search very long for that perfect Chardonnay or impeccable Cabernet. Here at Apex Luxury Transportation we only work directly with the best in the business – the top notch wineries of the Napa Valley. One of our absolute favorites is the incredible and beautiful top-notch wine producers of the Del Dotto Vineyards. Del Dotto Vineyards is...
Stag's Leap Wine Cellar's in Napa
23 August, 2015
Stag's Leap Wine Cellars have a unique story perfect for their unique and delicious wines. Stag's Leap Wine Cellar's Wine Tasting Tour will show you everything they have to offer and more.  After Prohibition in the United States wreaked havoc on wine producers in the Napa Valley in the early part of the 20th century, wine production in the region virtually stopped. After the repeal of Prohibition many producers concentrated on reinvigorating the region to do what it does best – produc...
V Sattui Winery in Napa Valley
24 August, 2015
In the heart of the Napa Valley in St. Helena there is a 38 acre vineyard that has made wine history. This vineyard produces over 60 different wines each one highly rated sourcing them from 20 different varieties of grapes. This winery is the V Sattui Winery. We are beyond excited to offer our clients V. Sattui wine tasting tours. With a wide range of incredible and delicious wines, this winery is well known for both producing organic wines as well as restricting its wine sales only to those who...
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