Milpitas CA Limousine Services

Transfers Milpitas to/from Napa Valley

Please call us for car service all inclusive total for Milpitas to/from Napa Valley transfer.

Napa Wine Tours from Milpitas

The Napa Valley is America’s go to destination for fine wines in a beautiful setting. With a tradition of fine wine production dating back to the 19th century and gaining international recognition in the 1970s the Napa Valley is home to the finest wineries in the United States. We have made it our goal here at Apex to offer our wonderful clients of the Bay Area comprehensive winery tours. Our Napa Wine Tours from Milpitas connect our clients in Milpitas to the wonderful world of Napa Valley fines combining the relaxation of traveling in a limousine with the ease of having your transportation taken care of. As you begin your journey exploring the finest wineries in the Napa Valley you will be happy you decided to utilize Apex’s Napa Wine Tours from Milpitas. Our fleet of luxury limousines are driven by a team of professional drivers able, willing and ready to whisk you and your party away on a Napa Wine Tour of a lifetime.

Milpitas to Napa Dinner Service

The Napa Valley is also well known for its large assortment of well known and respected restaurants. The culture of food in the Napa Valley comfortably exists alongside a longstanding tradition of delicious cuisine. There are numerous Michelin rated restaurants that make Napa a perfect destination to make your normal dinner routine something special. Our Milpitas to Napa Dinner Service stands out as a fine choice for a relaxing evening dinner with a loved one or a couple of friends. Our Milpitas to Napa Dinner Service picks up you and your party in Milpitas and brings them swiftly and in luxury to any restaurant of your choosing. We believe that a visit to the beautiful Napa Valley must include the fantastic food the region offers and we want to help you get there – one limousine ride at a time.

Milpitas Wine Tour Limousine Service

Here at Apex we believe that the only real way to enjoy all that the wine country has to offer is with a winery tour. We offer full wine tours in Livermore, Sonoma and Napa. These three wine countries have some of the finest wineries in the USA coupled with fantastic restaurants and beautiful settings. Here at Apex our Milpitas Wine Tour Limousine Service will bring you directly from Milpitas to the wonderful wineries you wish to explore. Whether you are an experienced wine country veteran or will be embarking on your very first winery tour, our staff will gladly create a comprehensive itinerary of the wineries we know and love. With many wineries to choose from we always make sure for our Milpitas Wine Tour Limousine Service that we provide our clients with the finest wineries in each respective wine country. We work with wineries that focus on what matters – the wine. So give us a call and book your adventure into the wine country today!

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