Prom Limousine Services

Prom Limousine Services

In High School there are seldom more memorable events than Junior Prom and Senior Ball. These events are as memorable as they are fun and exciting. We here at Apex offer comprehensive Prom Limousine Services to High Schoolers (and their parents!) to make these memorable evenings that much better. Our Prom Limousine Services are all inclusive and comprehensive and available to high schoolers across the Bay Area. We pride ourselves on providing students a great time and parents peace of mind. Our track record for safety and solid reviews help our Prom Limousine Services stay popular among parents and students alike.

When planning out transportation to and from a Junior Prom or Senior Ball limousines and luxury vehicles are an absolute must. It is important for this special day to be treated as such – special, luxurious and memorable. Our luxury vehicles do just that. It is also important for parents to be at ease knowing that their children will be in good hands. Our drivers and staff do just that.

We start our Prom Limousine Services with a state of the art limousine. Each one of our limousines and luxury vehicles vary in size and are able to accommodate parties big and small. Our Prom Limousine Services are available for large Prom and Ball parties and more intimate settings as well. Our limousines are adorned with luxurious leather seating, comprehensive non-alcoholic beverage selection and surround sound systems that sync with the newest music technologies. These elements come together to create a setting that ensures a good time for all the students involved. Our limousines are subject to rigorous mechanical interrogations to ensure that they are always up to date on the strictest safety standards. The safety standards of our limousines should put any and every parent at ease that we will never put your students in a vehicle that has not met our very strict safety standards. Another element to ensure the safety of all the students in our limousines are our professional staff of drivers. Each one of our limousine drivers have years of professional limousine driving experience. This experience combined with long standing working relationships with our company make our drivers the safest and most reliable in the business. Our drivers always ensure that your child is safe and makes sure a basic code of conduct is followed within the limousine to ensure the peace of mind for parents and safety for all of the students.

The popularity of our Prom Limousine Services is due to the fact that we take limousines seriously. Limousines are an essential part of making Prom and Ball as special as can be. While other limousine service providers do the bare minimum to provide a limousine, here at Apex we take our services to the next level. Not only do we train each one of our drivers to know exactly how to provide transportation services for High Schoolers to their Prom or Ball we also go to great lengths to ensure that our vehicles are as up to date (safety wise) and beautifully pristine as possible. We take what we do seriously and always want to make sure that when riding with Apex and utilizing our Prom Limousine Services that students and parents alike walk away the experience happy and excited to take a ride in our limousines again.

We are proud to boast an impeccable safety record as well as raving reviews from the parents and students alike who work with us. Without imposing ourselves on the excitement and fun of every High Schooler’s most exciting night we also provide a guarantee to parents that we will keep our student passengers safe on the way to Prom or Ball and safe on the way home. This guarantee and commitment to professionalism sets us apart from amateur limousine service providers. By working directly with the students and parents alike we are able to provide a well rounded comprehensive service that provides safe and adequate pick ups, drop offs and transportation on Prom or Ball night.

When working with Apex’s Prom Limousine Services you are getting much more than a ride to and from this memorable High School dance. You are enjoying an experience of a lifetime. This experience is something for the memory books and will be something that parents and students alike will always remember. We have provided our luxurious limousines and professional quality services to High School’s throughout the Bay Area. Our reputation as a favorite among students and parents alike sets us apart from other Prom Limousine Service providers. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today and together we can turn a special and memorable night into something that parents and students will always remember.


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